$10500 per hour
  • We're On Call
  • 24 hour response time**
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$9500 per hour
  • 3 hours per week*
  • 4 hour response time**
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Plus Best Value

$8500 per hour
  • 10 hours per week*
  • 2 hour response time**
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The pricing plans listed above are available to provide potential customers an idea of our pricing models. Overall pricing is based on the total scope.

 * Number of hours listed within each plan are the minimum number of hours that will be invoiced each week. Additional hours will be invoiced for any work that exceeds the plan at the same rate. For holidays and emergencies, additional fees may apply.

** Response time is based on the time in which the support request is submitted and the time the support request is acknowledged. Additional time may be required for the support activites of the request are completed.